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Is it worth selling your identity? Is it worth selling the identity of your company and that of your customers?

Application scenarios such as Banking / Insurance, Health, Public Administration, Law, Military manage sensitive data.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud allow to process large amounts of data and such a processing is typically carried out by means of services external to the company. This approach guarantees a great competitive advantage and the access to advanced analysis solutions at low cost. But which is the hidden cost of these services?

The hidden cost is our data. The low cost of these services is the result of a trade: our data are traded for low-cost services.

Our identity, the information of our company, the identities of our customers are becoming part of the exchange in a hidden way. In addition, what if those data are stolen, stolen, disseminated?

Is it worth taking the risk? is it worth selling your identity?

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DHIRIA is the first company in the world to offer machine and deep learning as-a-service services on encrypted data

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Encrypting is the best way to protect our data. We could also transfer our data through encrypted channels. But in order to be processed once they reach their destination, data must be decrypted, hence becoming available to everybody.

What about processing directly the encrypted data? What about receiving back the results of the processing still encrypted? Processing directly the encrypted data and providing back encrypted results guarantee that nobody can look at your data. At first, one might think that a MAGIC would be needed.

Instead it's not magic, it's the technology developed by Dhiria!

Dhiria, first in the world, developed a technology, available in as-a-service manner, allowing the processing by means of machine and deep learning algorithms of encrypted data.

All the companies and public administrations relying on Big Data processing Cloud services based on Artificial Intelligence will be able to access privacy-preserving services thanks to the as-a-service platform provided by Dhiria.

Why should you be interested in our technology? Because you are certainly not willing to provide your identity and your data to those who are not allowed to access them.

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About us

Dhiria S.r.l. was founded in 2021 from an idea and a need of the founders: "to bring the identity and value of people back to the center of the technological world".

This challenge is addressed by Dhiria through a responsible innovation process based on scientific research and industrial development. This process aims at redefining the central role of people and their identity with respect to technology.

The high expertises present in Dhiria in the field of artificial intelligence, privacy-preserving computation and cloud computing, allowed the development of an effective and high-performance platform, able to bring to the market, first in the world, artificial intelligence services able to process encrypted data.

Dhiria S.r.l. is an Innovative Startup and a Spin-Off of the Politecnico di Milano since 2021.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Sir Arthur C. Clarke